After Care of Vehicle Paintwork on all Road Vehicles

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Modern conditions place a heavy burden on the life of a paint finish on any road vehicle. Regular cleaning , polishing and waxing will keep your new paintwork looking like new.

The influence of acid rain, traffic grime, road salt, bird-lime (bird droppings) ultra-violet rays from sunlight, dampness and moisture, changes in temperature, industrial gases, tree sap etc. all work to take a toll on the condition of the vehicles paintwork. In addition, the use of detergents when washing cars, and the physical abrasive actions of the washing itself have a detrimental effect on the paint finish. Without regular paintwork aftercare, the gloss will fade and the paintwork’s natural resistance to moist will be lost. The answer is regular paintwork maintenance with aftercare products such as polishes and waxes.

Before attempting to polish any paint surface it is essential that it is washed thoroughly first. Never use polish or wax in full sunlight as the warm surface is more sensitive and therefore more difficult to protect. New, fresh repair paint should be cleaned carefully with clean and clear water only, no additives for the first 4 to 6 weeks. Within this time the new paint film will be achieving full hardness and allowing the escape of the residual solvents. Careful drying should only be carried out using a soft, chamois leather. After the full hardening period then all normal cleaning methods may be used e.g. car washes, high pressure washes etc.


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