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Check your vehicle paintwork

When you wash your car or are checking its paintwork you might come across some little bubbles which are under the paintwork, these are the beginning of surface rust.

It's not often in the cars of today's manufacturers this will happen. It's more likely to happen in panels where repairs and paintwork have been carried out incorrectly.

Surface rust when caught early enough is in fact quite easy to rectify just sand the rust spots out back to good shiny metal and use an good quality etch primer followed by primer, then sand and paint the new paintwork. Unfortunately not all repairers use the correct procedure or materials.

Rust Repairs in Cromer that will last

The only method to deal with rust repairs is to sand it right out, to ensure its gone forever, but ensuring the bare metal is re-coated with the correct products.

It is important that a car rust repair is primed correctly and dried off with heat in an oven not in a open workshop where moisture is present as you do not want to expose the bare metal to moisture because this is why the rust started in the beginning.

Some body centres don't have low bake ovens or air driers! The air used to carry out the spraying should be dried before it goes through the spray gun. If not, it will have small amounts of water in it and that is what creates low standard car body repairs because that is what starts the rusting process in the beginning.

If rust spots are left untreated they will worsen and eventually the area effected will need to be cut out and replaced.

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